Call to investigate dangerous Seymour Place Barclays cycle hire bays

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Labour Councillors have called for an investigation in to the location of a Barclays Cycle Hire Bay at the top of Seymour Place, W1, a few yards down from the Marylebone Road junction. The guard posts at both ends of the cycle bay have both been knocked down by speeding cars even before the bike bay is in operation. Residents in Seymour Place say they were never consulted on the siting of this bike bay and, if they had have been consulted, would have told Westminster Council and TfL that this location is far too dangerous for a bike bay.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“The fact that both the guard posts have been demolished by speeding vehicles just days after they were installed shows that this is the wrong location for a cycle hire bay. I have lived near here for many years and I know how fast cars travel down Seymour Place from Lisson Grove. This make this a very dangerous location for cyclists and drivers and I urge Westminster and TfL to think again about this location before there is a more serious accident”

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20 Responses to Call to investigate dangerous Seymour Place Barclays cycle hire bays

  1. Dmitri F says:

    It seems that speeding drivers, not a bike dock is the problem here. The solution is simple: slow down drivers by installing speed bumps.

  2. Andrew says:

    Just a thought, but “the fact that both the guard posts have been demolished by speeding vehicles just days after they were installed” actually shows that people are driving dangerously fast down Seymour Place, doesn’t it? And so surely you should be trying to do something about this dangerous driving, rather than trying to facilitate it?

  3. Mark Hughes says:

    Seriously, the problem is the speeding drivers, put your political efforts into sorting that out! I despair that you would take such a position on an issue like this.

  4. Paul M says:

    Yet again it seems that Westminster’s Labour group is trying to out-tory the Tories! Clearly the problem here is motorists driving too fast for the road conditions and without looking where they are going – or possibly without being able to see where they are going which is just as culpable.

    If motorists continue to crash into the dock when it becomes full of bikes then we will surely know it is the drivers at fault, not the stationary, inanimate objects docked there.

    Sort out the real problem – the bad driving behaviour in Westminster.

    • Sorry but this is about stopping more accidents involving cyclists, drivers and pedestrians! I support cyclists and am against speeding cars but I cannot support a location which is obviously unsuitable for everyone. I do not drive and walk everywhere and I have never seen a bike bay in this state ever before – which must indicate a real practical problem.

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      • Mark Hughes says:

        Yes, it does indicate a real practical problem: speeding drivers who are driving so inappropriately they can’t see large bits of metal. What chance would a child stand if it was stood where those metal barriers were/are?

      • I completely agree. Why would anyone want to locate the bay in this position?

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      • Mark Hughes says:

        How can you possibly come away with the conclusion that the problem demonstrated by this is the cycle hire bay and not the manifestly unsafe driving which it has highlighted? If that bay wasn’t there, that could be a child – particularly given the height of the taller metal barrier; the only conclusion that any sensible person could draw from this is that something needs to be done to tame the awful driving taking place here!

      • Dmitri F says:

        Traffic calming is one surefire way to reduce accidents involving motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians or cyclists.
        The street certainly looks like it could use some!

  5. Lee says:

    Seriously?? Bike stand is the problem when ‘speeding vehicles’ hit it? You have your priorities the wrong way round. Urgent investigation into stopping speeding vehicles hitting fixed guard posts. Going so fast they can’t see where the road is and the guard posts are.

  6. Mike says:

    Doesn’t that say more about the drivers than the placement of the bay? Too fast and not in control.

  7. Bromptonaut says:

    I despair, I really do. The one political party that could speak for the non car-borne majority in Westminster chooses to passively accept car domination.

    You are not powerless to act in the face of excessive traffic speeds – all of the technical tools are there, you just need to have the political courage to use them. Have you? Well have you?

    • Yes, we do speak up for cyclists, pedestrians, public transport users and yes, motorists, too when necessary. That is why we have called for a 20MPH speed limit on Westminster roads, improved public transport and are supporting Labour’s initiative to make HGVs introduce mandatory safety measures to protect cyclists. We have also called speed reducing measures in residential streets all over Westminster, as well improved pedestrian crossings and new pelican crossings, for example on Harrow Road and on the dangerous Kilburn Lane/Harrow Road/Ladbrooke Grove junction.

  8. Anthony says:

    Remove the parking opposite the bay, problem solved. Why jump on cycling when it is clearly a car problem. Westminster is a hell hole for cyclists (&pedestrians) especially compared to Camden. Talk to your fellow councillors in Camden about how to improve cycling and stop embarrassing yourself and the party.

    • Anthony There is a major entrance to Westminster Magistrates Court opposite the cycle bay, not parking. This is another reason why this location is dangerous with large vehicles entering and leaving the Magistrates Court throughout the day. Visit the site and look for yourself. I have opposed very, very few of the many other Barclays bays in Westminster before but this one is just plain dangerous.

      • Rostopher says:

        To reiterate what many others have pointed out, it is very difficult for a stationary object to be dangerous – unless you hit it at high speed. The speed here is the danger

  9. Anoop says:

    At least it was a bike bay rather than a child that the speeding motorist crashed into. This problem needs to be prevented with speed humps / cameras or by blocking through motor traffic. It should be sorted out soon before someone is hurt.

  10. Sorry Paul,
    If we all agree that speeding cars are a problem, then lets deal with that. Pointing to a cycle hire scheme, or a parked car or a small child and saying they shouldn’t have been there is somewhat missing the point. If you are successful and get the hire dock removed, what then? Are you also calling for a 20mph blanket for the whole borough?

    • Of course we have called for a 20 mph speed limit on Westminster roads. We have organised snd presented petitions to the Council. We have called for better facilities for cyclists and are campaigning actively for Labour’s initiative to make HGVs include safety measures to protect cyclists.

  11. Stefano says:

    How can you state the danger lies with the docking station? The issue is clearly related to people who don’t watch where they go or go too fast.
    I bike to work on this road nearly every day to avoid Edgware Road and the real danger is the speed and lack of care from motorists. Luckily a car/truck hit the post and not me, otherwise I wouldn’t probably be able to write this comment. Seymour Place is a designated cycle route, so we cannot let cars go so fast that they can’t even avoid an idle post.

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