Action needed to deal with regular rubbish dumping at Shirland Road/Fernhead Road junction

image1-3Karen Buck MP has repeated her call to Westminster Council to take action to deal with the regular dumping of rubbish at the corner of Shirland Road and Fernhead Road near the junction with Ashmore Road.

Residents say:

“I know lots of people have been complaining about this, but this kind of scene isn’t acceptable in Westminster or indeed anywhere!

We can no longer see the bins for the rubbish! There are plenty of obvious options – I’d assume the easiest being to set up some more bins on other corners? But please can we sort it out asap.”

Karen Buck said:

“Marban Road is nearly as bad. It is a regular occurrence and it’s a disgrace!”

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Call to Westminster Council to stop Deliveroo drivers from parking illegally in Garway Road, Bayswater

IMG_0248We have called on Westminster Council to stop Deliveroo drivers from parking illegally in Garway Road, Bayswater. Residents say:

“To add insult to injury, the bike riders seem to be habitual litterers, dropping empty drinks cans and bottles on the ground and even kicking them around and into the gutter. Their behaviour towards the owner of the coffee shop can only be described as intimidating, and as daily users of the coffee shop we don’t want to look out of the window and see a group of surly individuals and their bikes, and be disturbed by the constant departures and arrivals of the bikes, with their noise and pollution. They also seem to be spreading up Garway Road and into Leinster Square occasionally – we have seen them parked up in ‘residents only’ bays recently.”

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Care homes tell the old and vulnerable: ‘No vacancies in Westminster’

According to the ‘West End Extra’

“Vulnerable elderly people are being put up in care homes outside Westminster leading to concerns they are missing out on much-needed ­visits from friends and relatives.

Joan O’Connell, 62, says she knows of two of her “vulnerable” friends were put in accommodation in west London. She said: “I know of two elderly ladies who have lived near Victoria for over 30 years, who have been sent to Ealing care homes in the last year. Many of their friends naturally are elderly and can’t make that long journey.”

Neither of the women had relatives in the country she said and relied on their friends for company. But the expense and difficulty of visiting them at their care homes meant they were seeing much less of them.

One, aged 88 and believed to be suffering from dementia, has been moved to a home in North Acton. 

She was moved to the home after her health began to deteriorate, making it harder for her to care for herself at home. She had suffered a number of falls and was “leaving her front door open” repeatedly, said Ms O’Connell. She said her friend was told by the council there were “no vacancies” in Victoria. 

A former volunteer for the Friends of the Elderly group, she feels it is “cruel” to send them to live so far from everyone they know.

“She said to me: ‘your visits keep me sane’. I can see she is depressed and I am afraid her dementia will get worse. There are probably a lot of elderly people like her who have no family and who can’t manage.” 

The second lady, who is in her 90s, also suffers from dementia and only has family in Spain,

A Westminster Council spokeswoman said it was “not always practical” to offer accommodation close to people’s homes, adding: “The wellbeing of people in our care is our priority and we will always act in their best interests. 

“We aim to offer accommodation as close to home as possible but this is not always practical. We do sometimes have to place people in care homes outside of Westminster when no local accommodation is available or when people request to be close to family. 

“This important decision is made only with the consent of the person involved, or their family or next of kin if they are unable to make their own decisions.”

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Westminster spends over £12,000 on Commemorative Lions

lion-Labour councillors have questioned the Conservative council’s priorities as it has emerged Westminster is spending £12,223 on two commemorative lion sculptures to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of Westminster City Council.

The lions are due to adorn the front of City Hall on Victoria Street. However as City Hall is about to undergo major renovation works in the next few months the future for these luxury lions remains unclear.

Labour group leader Cllr Adam Hug said, “Given the huge cuts across the council is pushing through now and in the coming years, spending over £12,000 of taxpayers’ money on commemorative lions is not the best use of scarce resources. Yet again Westminster is putting pomp and pageantry before the needs of residents”.

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The Clifton Pub in St. John’s Wood has just won its Licence!

thecliftonGreat news – The Clifton Pub in St. John’s Wood has just won its Licence!

Local campaigners say:

“During the last two and a half years we managed to get an Asset of  Community Value  status on our historical pub and stop it being developed into a residential building. Our new landlords hope to open in July 2016, but I will keep you updated on the official opening date, I believe they will also be brewing their own Clifton Ale in time!”

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Church Street regeneration plans over a year behind schedule

Labour Councillors will be highlighting the 12 month delay in starting work on the Church Street regeneration programme at the Council meeting on Wednesday 27th April.

A motion, to be moved by Councillor Guthrie McKie and seconded by Church Street Councillor Barbara Grahame, says:

“This Council notes with regret, the continuing delays to the Futures Plan for Church Street. Phase 1 of the plan was voted on by residents and is now over 1 year behind schedule. A number of factors have contributed to this delay, including a loss of staff during reorganisation at City Hall, indecision on the Cosway Street development. But the most serious impact has been the delay to the rehousing of residents at Penn House. These are elderly residents who need greater urgency in dealing with their housing needs.

The Council has said it will proceed with Phase 2 of the Futures Plan without carrying out a consultation programme. This has caused concern in the community as to the motives of the Council and the developers. Residents and retailers have a vital stake in this development.

We call on the Leader of the Council to give greater urgency to the Futures Plan for Church Street and to implement decisions agreed by residents. We further call on a full consultation programme with residents and retailers on Phase 2 of the plan.”

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Rita Begum is Labour’s choice for Westminster’s next Lord Mayor

Rita at MV centreMaida Vale Councillor Rita Begum is Labour’s choice for the next Lord Mayor of Westminster to be elected at the Annual Council meeting on 18th May.

Rita is a local mum who has lived in Westminster for the whole of her adult life, having been a pupil at Wilberforce Primary school & St Augustine’s Secondary school.  She has worked in community engagement for some years at both the Stowe Club and the Beethoven Centre and was elected to Westminster Council in 2014 – where she is a member of the Scrutiny Committee for Children & Sport.  Her husband is involved as a volunteer with MIND (the mental health charity) & Queens Park Bangladesh Association.

Rita was elected as a Councillor for Maida Vale Ward in May 2014.

She has a special interest in child and youth development and is a Board Director of Paddington Youth Enterprises Ltd – a social enterprise company promoting employment & business enterprise opportunities for youth.

Rita has an excellent reputation in fundraising, social organisation, charities and event organisation.  She appreciates that the post of Lord Mayor is devoted to the promotion of the City, its initiatives and support of a wide range of local organisations, including charities and business.  As its first citizen, she would welcome important visitors and dignitaries to the city, with royal visitors being welcomed by the Queen’s representative.

Rita already works tirelessly for her community and would bring vitality and youthfulness to the role.  Should she be elected she would expect to go that extra mile by promoting more inter-generational activities & would introduce a Mayor’s medal for young people aged 18 and under who have inspired others by their actions.  She would also broaden the Civic Reception model to encompass Community based receptions in the North and South of the Borough – reflecting the values & diversity of mixed generations.  In this respect she would introduce a monthly ‘At Home with the Lord Mayor’ – to which members of the public would be welcome to come and share a cup of tea.

Rita would be pleased to ensure that the Lord Mayor’s Annual Appeal should benefit young people with mental health concerns.

To endorse Rita for Lord Mayor go to

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