Petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico

The Churchill Ward Labour Councillors, Murad Gassanly, Shamin Taluder and Jason Williams are supporting the petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico which is being promoted by Wandsworth Council who have hired Colander Associates to operate a design competition

TFL’s initial feasibility studies of the estimated time savings, compared with crossing the existing bridges, are around around 7 minutes for pedestrians, and 1 minute for cyclists.The two existing Chelsea and Vauxhall bridges are about 1 mile apart.

You can sign the petition here

The proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge would cause:

1.  The catastrophic loss of Pimlico Gardens & Shrubbery, the only riverside garden square in London;

2.  The loss of amenity in St George’s Square gardens, the only significant public green space and play area in Pimlico, to the detriment of residents from the whole of Pimlico;

3.  A threat to the existence of Westminster Boating Charity, a longstanding youth charity in Pimlico;

4.  The loss of and damage to many high value mature trees in both gardens;

5.  An estimated 9,000 cyclists and/or 9,000 pedestrians crossing over the bridge every day, ruining the tranquil character of St George’s Square and causing disruption to residents across Pimlico;

6.  Vehicle traffic congestion on Grosvenor Road backing up along the embankment to Vauxhall Bridge, Millbank, Lupus Street, Chelsea Bridge and beyond, with associated noise and pollution;

7.  Congestion at Pimlico Underground Station during peak hours.

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Support the Church Street Drop-In Centre and Nursery

Church Street residents benefit from a drop-in centre for the elderly that is very well used and much needed. The site also provides for a 30 place nursery that provides good care for local families. It is really a great site that cares for both the very young and the very old.

It had been run by Shepherds Bush Housing Association but they have decided to pull out and we are petitioning the council to be an active voice in securing these services for the local population and Westminster in general.

The drop-in centre provides nutritious meals, regular contact with the elderly, support across a number of areas and informal support too. Far too often these services can seem pushed to one side so a visible centre, right on the market street, is very important.

We’ve been traditional in collecting signatures locally to encourage the council to be a champion for local people in later life. Now we have now started an online petition for others in Westminster to share their support. You can find the petition, which has been started in the name of the local neighbourhood forum, here:

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Prince of Wales Pub latest – Westminster Council rejects betting shop plan

POW demoThanks to a campaign by local residents, Labour councillors and Karen Buck MP, Westminster Council has rejected an application by BetFred to turn the Prince of Wales pub, Harrow Road into a betting shop.

Tim Roca, Labour’s candidate for the Harrow Road by-election said:

“I’m delighted Westminster Council has listened to local residents and said no to another betting shop on Harrow Road. This is a great first step, but the fight is not over. It is very likely that BetFred will appeal so we must be ready to continue our campaign through the planning appeal process.]

There are already several betting shops nearby, which is an unacceptable concentration. The committee agreed with residents and ourselves that a betting shop in such a prominent place would put vulnerable residents very much at risk. It would also blight local businesses. We need a proper balance of shops and facilities along the Harrow Road in the interests of a safe and thriving local community.

The building is local landmark and an important asset. It should be developed in a way which improves the junction and the whole Maida Hill Market area.”

Promoted by Andy Whitely on behalf of Tim Roca, both of 4g Shirland Road, W9

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Need to improve road safety in the Harrow Road area is long overdue

Tim Roca, Labour’s Candidate in the Harrow Road by-election, together with Karen Buck MP and local Councillors, have had a number of recent enquiries from residents about road safety in the Sutherland/Elgin/Goldney/Edbrooke Roads area.

One parent wrote:

“Elgin and Sutherland are so unbelievably dangerous. Why are there no pedestrian lights? Sutherland is particularly frightening. There was some road works done on Sutherland recently that made the whole area so much more dangerous (as they decided to take out all the lights at the same time) I foolishly thought that this was so they could put pedestrian lights in, but they haven’t. Any view on how we can make these roads safer for our school children? “

Another adds:

“The purpose of this email is to plead with you do persuade the Council to implement road safety and road calming  measures around Edbrooke Gardens, before a child is hurt or killed. Westminster has to revisit the issue of road safety in the light of the changing demographic. It is, as its always been, a very densely populated area. Why are there speed bumps in Delaware Road, which is dominated  by media studios and not on a road that features a public space used by children?”

And a third says:

“As you know, Goldney Road has access to St Peters School on its south side and Edbrooke Road Park to its North; children (and indeed parents) cross the road regularly, and I am terrified for the safety of my young daughter (and other’s children), who, in spite of me carrying her to and from my car whenever possible, could break free and run into an oncoming speeding car with horrifying consequences. Surely with the school and park, Goldney Road must merit some kind of traffic calming – either speed bumps or introduction of partial ‘one way’ system as exists on Oakington Road (by Paddington Academy)?”

Along with Karen Buck MP, we have asked the Council’s Road Safety Team to investigate the situation as a matter of urgency and to bring forward proposals to improve the current unsatisfactory state of affairs.

Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of Tim Roca, both of 4g Shirland Mews, W9

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Labour Councillors call for HSE action following Carlton Tavern demolition

Carlton Tavern 1Labour Councillors have written to the Health and Safety Executive to ask what action has been taken by the HSE regarding the unlawful demolition of the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Vale on April 8th.

Councillor Adam Hug, Leader of the Labour Group said;

“The demolition of the Carlton Tavern posed a real risk to those in neighbouring properties as well as potentially to those on site and passing by. Can you please update me and ward Cllr Rita Begum about whether the HSE proposes taking action against those who ordered and carried out this demolition?”

Maida Vale Labour Councillor Rita Begum said:

“I strongly urge that firm action is taken by the HSE, both in terms of the harm that could have been caused by the pub owners’ irresponsible actions and to help reduce the risk that these same owners and contractors might do the same in future with other pubs and properties in our area. “

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Westminster Council and TfL should listen to residents on Baker Street two-way proposals

Labour Councillors are supporting the pleas of the St Marylebone Society and the Marylebone Association who are calling for Westminster Council and Transport for London to take more notice of residents’ views on plans to return Baker Street and Gloucester Place to two-way working.

At this week’s Environment Scrutiny Committee, Councillors heard from Gaby Higgs of the St Marylebone Society and Michael Bolt of the Marylebone Association. Gaby Higgs told the Committee of residents’ concerns that the current proposals would cause ‘rat-runs’ through residential areas and that insufficient information had been provided on how bus and coach traffic would be managed. Michael Bolt told the Committee that residents were concerned that the proposed ban on left turns into Marylebone Road at Gloucester Place would force traffic through York Street and on to Seymour Place. He told the Committee;

“Whilst we are generally supportive of the overall aspirations involved in making these roads two way but we are not supportive of a gold plated scheme which fiddles around with the carriageways to such an extent that we see substantial traffic displacement within our area, and the present scheme is in grave danger of doing just this. The effect of all these changes, plus the reduction in carriageway width on Baker Street and Gloucester Place, will be to move more traffic onto residential streets and spread the pollution noise and disruption to surrounding areas.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour Built Environment spokesperson said;

“The principle of returning Baker Street and Gloucester Place to two way working after over 50 years might be a good idea, but the devil is in the detail of how it will operate at the key junctions. The consultation so far has not convinced many long-standing residents and more needs to be done to show people how the new road system would work in detail. The weakest link for many people is the proposal to ban the left turn at the Gloucester Place/Marylebone Road junction and the impact that this will have on forcing a great deal of traffic through the residential streets north and south of Marylebone Road. Westminster and TfL have a lot more work to do and listening to residents should be the top priority.”

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Tim Roca is Labour’s choice for the Harrow Road Ward by-election

Karen and HR teamThe Labour Party has chosen Tim Roca to be its candidate in the forthcoming Harrow Road by-election on Thursday 23rd July.

Tim was brought up in Cheshire before moving to London 8 years ago. He was state educated and the first in his family to go to university. Tim works at King’s College London in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. In his spare time he acts at as a charity trustee and is a member of CAMRA.

Tim, 29, studied history at Lancaster University and was president of the Student’s Union, taking a role campaigning against tuition fees.

Tim said:

“I feel privileged to be selected as Labour’s candidate for the Harrow Road Ward. I want to stand up for the community and, together with the current councillors Ruth Bush and Guthrie McKie, be a powerful advocate for the area.”

Karen Buck MP said:

“Tim will be a great advocate for local residents. I’m really looking forward to working with him”

Councillor Adam Hug thanked outgoing Councillor Nilavra Mukerji for his service saying;

“I would like to give my thanks to Nilavra for all his efforts over the last 5 years on behalf of the residents of Harrow Road and across Westminster. We wish him well in the future”

Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of Tim Roca, both at 4g Shirland Mews, London W9

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