Westminster’s new parking sensors “gives wardens the equivalent of eyes in the backs of their heads”,

Westminster’s new parking sensors “gives wardens the equivalent of eyes in the backs of their heads”, according to an article in the Daily Mail.

“A parking sensor promoted as tool to help drivers find free spaces could also enable Westminster City Council’s traffic wardens to dish out more fines.

Motoring organisations have warned the Metereye system could help wardens make a beeline to vehicles which have overstayed a parking space.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘This gives wardens the equivalent of eyes in the backs of their heads.

‘The all-knowing equipment will be good for the parking industry and in car parks where space is at a premium.

‘But some drivers might ask, where’s the sense of fair play? Motorists will hope it won’t encourage attendants to lie in wait for people who have only slightly overstayed their welcome.’

The Metereye technology, developed by Scottish company, Town and City Parking (TCP), beams a signal from a sensor under the road just before a space becomes free.

These signals can be picked up by smart phones and iPads via a dedicated app.

TCP calls Metereye a ‘simple, cost effective way to monitor usage of car parking bays,’ on its website.

It also extolls the benefits of the handheld technology where one parking attendant ‘can be responsible for two or three sites at the same time.’

Lewis Johnson, a data analyst with Westminster council, told a computer magazine that the Metereye technology could be used to identify streets which have heavy parking use before raising charges accordingly.

He said: ‘It is likely to confirm drivers’ suspicions that this sort of technology favours Big Brother rather than the motorist, despite what the councils say.'”


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