Labour calls on private landlords to offer longer-term tenancies and predictable rents

Labour is calling on private landlords to offer longer-term tenancies and predictable rents to enable families to plan their finances more effectively.

In a policy review document entitled Private rented housing: providing stability and affordability for renters and families, launched today, Labour argued the private sector should give stability and financial certainty to private renters by offering predictable rents over a long period.

Around 8.5 million people in England rent privately, including more than one million families with children.

The document said Labour wants to remove the barriers that stand in the way of longer tenancies and incentivise landlords to offer renters greater stability if they want it. It wants to work with the sector to decide what these incentives could be.

Jack Dromey, Labour’s shadow housing minister, said: ‘Families need stability to plan where they send their kids to school and certainty to manage their household budgets.

‘That’s why Labour is committed to reforming the private rented sector so it works for Britain’s families. With longer term tenancies and predictable rents, the private rented sector will offer the affordable and stable homes that renters need.

‘Families will feel that their rented house is a home and it will help strengthen communities as people put down roots and get to know their neighbours.’

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