Front line services at risk as Westminster set to make £30 million of cuts

Westminster Council is set to make further cuts of around £30 million over the next two years following the Conservative Government’s latest cut to local government budgets. The Council has already cut £60 million from its budget over the past two years, 50% of which involved cuts to front line services. According to Westminster Council’s finance officers;

“At present, not all of the data is available to complete the detailed analysis.  However, we have been able to arrive at a summary position.  For 2013/14, our “Best Estimate” of grant funding reductions is £10M-£12M.  For 2014/15 we project a further c£19M.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Cutting another £30 million from the budget will inevitably involve more cuts to front-line services to the elderly, to children and to the disabled. There are few, if any, back-office savings left to make and so the pain will be felt by the most vulnerable and those least able to help themselves.”

“The cuts are not working. The economy is still in poor shape. Government borrowing is going up to pay for increased unemployment and the costs of keeping people out of work. This is a nasty and incompetent Government which is failing the country and failing the people of Westminster”

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