Opposition mounts to Westminster Council’s plans to close Jubilee Sports Centre

Three letters in this week’s ‘West End Extra’ continue the growing opposition to Westminster Council’s plans to close the Jubilee Sports Centre.

• I MUST add my voice to the general dismay – tear down the Jubilee Sports Centre and replace it with high end housing?

This is not even providing housing for the residents of this community. This fabulous sports centre is right in the middle of one of the more deprived areas of Westminster.

As someone who lives in the more affluent Maida Vale area I use the centre on a regular basis and have always felt it a very important link to my surrounding community.

It is a very friendly place and provides one of the rare opportunities for people of different backgrounds and social groups to mix together.
To build high-end housing for a few affluent new residents, instead of providing sports facilities for the wider community, makes a mockery of the “Olympic legacy”.

The community of the Mozart estate and many of the surrounding schools all use this wonderful facility.

It provides an important outlet for the young people of the area. Further, it is a great purpose-built facility with one of the most beautiful and well kept pools in central London.

Why, in times of hardship, pull it down?

The Mozart estate will not benefit in any way from having some smart flats built right in the middle of it.

Lauderdale Mansions, W9

A real loss

• AS a regular user of the Jubilee Sports Centre swimming pool I am really saddened to learn that the intention is to demolish it and merge with the Moberly Sports Centre.

The Jubilee offers local people much-needed sport and leisure facilities. I do not think the Moberly can offer the same level of local amenities.
In the wake of the Olympics it seems completely wrong to reduce sport facilities.

I am fervently hoping for a change of heart.

Janet Payne, Address supplied


• WESTMINSTER Council’s attempts to slip the demolition of our Jubilee centre past Queen’s Park residents show what this richest borough in the country will resort to.

Our area, along with Church Street, is the poorest, most overcrowded, illest, and least white English in the borough.

The council’s so-called consultation last summer was laughable. Even local doctors and schools weren’t consulted. Secondly the council are prepared, it seems, to scupper local businesses in order to benefit their “development partner” Wilmott Dixon.

Ask an ousted local nursery owner, a local swimming teacher and a local dance teacher what they think about that. Thirdly the council have blocked freedom of information queries, legally of course, but our campaign against the Jubilee’s demolition still lacks vital information, especially financial. And those three are just for starters.

Inner-city regeneration?

Inner-city discrimination and desolation.

Judith Amanthis, W9


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