Serious concerns at proposed closure of Harrow Road and St John’s Wood Police Stations

Commenting on Metropolitan Police proposals to close Harrow Road and St John’s Wood Police Stations, Councillor Adam Hug, Labour’s Community Safety and Policing spokesperson said;

“We are deeply disappointed and concerned that the 20% cuts to the Metropolitan police budget being pushed through by the Conservatives in Whitehall and City Hall will lead to the closure of Harrow Road and St John’s Wood police stations according to proposals announced this week.

Leaving Paddington Green as the sole police station serving the centre and north of the city, while retaining three in South Westminster will significantly undermine public confidence in the police’s commitment to residents beyond the West End. While it contains important secure facilities, Paddington Green is poorly sited for much of North Westminster and cannot be left as the only physical police presence in the area.

Westminster Labour Councillors are calling on the Met and the Mayor’s office to retain a presence on Harrow Road at the very least-whether that is retaining some police functions in the current building or exploring other options in the surrounding area. Harrow Road police station is an important part of the local landscape and a vital base for police tackling crime across North Paddington. The Met must also give more detail about their plans to use other community facilities and methods of communication to reassure the public that they’ll still be able get in touch with their local police. “

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