Westminster Council leader ‘opposes’ Mayor’s Greycoat Place Fire Station closure plan – but closes One Stops and Library

So, Westminster Council Leader Philippa Roe says she is ‘opposed’ to Boris Johnson’s proposed closure of Greycoat Place Fire Station. And she has even set up a ‘Task Group’ to study the implications of Boris’ plans to close Harrow Road, St John’s Wood and Marylebone Police Stations.

No doubt, Councillor Roe’s synthetic concern for the future of local fire and police services has the Mayor worried sick.

Of course, Councillor Roe’s belated conversion to speaking up for vital public services under threat is to be welcomed.

But is this the same Councillor Roe whose Council closed the St James’ Library on Victoria Street and axed the One Stop Shops in Church Street, Harrow Road and Victoria?

And is this the same Council which sold Old Marylebone Town Hall and Library and is planning to demolish the Jubilee Sports Centre in Queen’s Park?

Westminster residents, however, are not fooled by the sham concerns now expressed by Conservative Councillors who have already cut £60 million from the budget, putting hundreds of people out of work and reduced front line services to those most in need.

And with a further £30 million more cuts over the next two years, it is very much ‘business as usual’ for Westminster Conservatives despite what they might say.


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