Churchill Gardens community meeting calls for urgent action to protect youngsters after brutal killing of 16-year-old

The ‘West End Extra’ reports;

“AN estate rocked by the brutal murder of a 16-year-old boy united this week over calls for police and politicians to give better protection for their children.

More than 200 residents of the Churchill Gardens Estate in Pimlico met on Wednesday night in a community hall to discuss how to prevent “another tragedy on our doorstep”.

It followed the death of Hani Hicham Abou El Kheir, who lived with his mother on the estate. The teenager was chased through Lupus Street and fatally stabbed on Sunday night.

Sue Walsh, chairman of the Churchill Gardens Residents’ Association, told the meeting: “We need to feel safe and that’s one of the things that’s coming across from residents.

“There are not enough police on the estate, there hasn’t been enough policing. If there was, would this thing have happened?”

There were calls for “police on this estate at all times”. And one Churchill Gardens resident added: “We don’t want them in their cars, we don’t want Community Officers, they’re not fit for purpose.”

A fund was launched to help Hani’s family, who did not attend the meeting, and donations were collected.

Community leaders had wanted an open discussion and decided not invite councillors and police. TV news crews were told to leave.

The West End Extra was invited into the meeting to hear concerns that the estate had been misrepresented in national media reports as “gang plagued”.

But there were some concerns that teenagers could be “targeted” simply for “hanging around on the streets”.

Ms Walsh added: “We’re not saying our kids are perfect, but we do think an awful lot of the trouble is brought on to the estate from outside.

“At the bottom of this problem is our kids are neglected, they just don’t have enough to do. So we are trying desperately to set things up so that the kids are not hanging around on the streets, so they’re not being targeted – because that’s what they’re doing.

“Some of the ideas that I’m looking for is what we can do to engage our young people, because I believe once they get to 13 or 14 they’re lost. We need to get them involved, when they are young, with different groups and activities.”

The meeting was chaired by Mervyn Thomason, an official from CityWest Homes, the company which manages the estate. In a series of emotive speeches, residents expressed their outrage at the negative image their estate had received in national media.

Gisela Wright, who has lived in Churchill Gardens for two decades, said she was “livid” when she read about her home. She added: “Somebody has to do something about it and see our positive side.

“Somebody should come around here and see the playgroup, the children playing football and the morning coffees, and see the real side.”

Another resident told the meeting: “The most important thing we can do tonight is try to send a message to the outside world that this is a very pleasant place to live”

Vic Beauvois said allegations that the estate had a history of gang violence were “rubbish”. A public meeting, which is yet to be confirmed, is expected to take place next Thursday when residents’ questions will be put to police chiefs and councillors.”

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One Response to Churchill Gardens community meeting calls for urgent action to protect youngsters after brutal killing of 16-year-old

  1. melanie says:

    You can give youngsters all the things in the world to do during daylight hours. However, that is not going to stop the people of our estate hanging around and being anti-social during the night time. Midnight is not a time you can legislate or plan for and that is when I get woken up most nights by anti-social behaviour! And that is not even always caused by the ‘youths’ – some parents of very young children think it is ok for them to play on their scooters right beneath my bedroom window at this time of night!

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