Westminster families in B&B for more than 6 weeks predicted to rise to over 150

With 120 Westminster families with children currently in Bed & Breakfast accommodation for more than 6 weeks, Westminster Council housing officers are now predicting that this will increase to over 150 over the coming weeks and months.

Housing officers have told Councillors;

“Whilst there will be fluctuations in the numbers of households with children in non self-contained bed and breakfast accommodation the trend will be for this to increase until additional supply of self-contained accommodation is available. Obtaining this figure is complex as it has to be calculated manually on a case by case basis due to different household and property circumstances. Thus numbers were close to 150 in November reduced to 120 before Christmas following largely the result of new TA stock being procured coming on stream and increasing use of ‘annexes’ (essentially using self-contained accommodation as an alternative to bed and breakfast.) However the numbers of acceptances each month means that there are families in bed and breakfast for less than 6 weeks who are crossing that threshold and this will drive further increases above 150.”

This means that the Council will continue to break the law, despite warnings from successive Housing Minister that the Council’s actions are “unacceptable and unlawful”

Overall, there are currently over 2,300 Westminster families in Temporary Accommodation.

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