Warm welcome for Council decision to join Collective Energy Switching Scheme

Labour Councillors have welcomed Westminster Council’s decision to join the collective energy switching scheme run by Oldham Council on behalf of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA). The AGMA scheme has a range of benefits, including;

  • Initial results have been very good (average of £156-£182 saved per switch).
  • No set up costs.
  • Structure and process already established.
  • Free to join (a voluntary contribution to the council’s Co-operative fund is encouraged) unlike many alternative schemes.
  • Opportunity to leave the scheme at no cost with three months notice.
  • Switching payment of £10 per switch is higher than most alternative schemes – even a modest number of eventual switches should cover staff costs.  If there are ‘profits’ from the scheme the council will release a report detailing on they intend on being spent.

The Council report says;

“Many residents are experiencing large increases in their energy bills. Estimates are that, on average, annual bills have increased by £90 over the last twelve months with further increases expected in 2013.”

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