New Arts Council chief asked to help save Westminster’s £350,000 Arts and Culture budget

Westminster’s Labour Councillors have written to the new Chairman of the Arts Council, Sir Peter Bazalgette, to ask him to “use whatever influence you may have with Westminster City Council to stop the Council from cutting its entire £350,000 a year budget for Arts and Culture over the next two years.”

In a letter to Sir Peter, Labour Councillors say;

“The current programme is designed to give the most vulnerable residents of Westminster – the young, those with disabilities and the elderly – an opportunity to improve their lives through the arts and through culture. The cut of £350,000 represents 0.4% of the Council’s spending.

The whole city will be poorer through the loss of these innovative projects. It is short-sighted of the Council to reduce community access to Westminster’s wonderful array of world-class arts and culture. If anything, we should be making more of these magnificent cultural facilities and arts organisations on our doorstep, rather than reducing access to them for children, young people and the elderly.

As you may know, there is a petition on the Council’s website that has already attracted over 800 signatures –

We would be very grateful if there is anything that you can do to help to save these valuable Arts and Culture programmes.”

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