Queen’s Park Primary School – a good school says Ofsted

Ofsted inspectors have given Queen’s Park Primary School a glowing report and judged the school to be ‘good’ overall. The new head teacher, Jonathan Smith, said, “the staff and children richly deserve the recognition that they have received for all the hard work they have put into the school, as does the previous head teacher Barbara Mayne, who retired at Christmas.” He added, “In January the school community developed a new vision which is for the school to be the very best so that next time Ofsted make a visit we are judged to be ‘outstanding’.

Ofsted said that the overall quality of teaching was good, that pupils were achieving and behaving well, and that the school had good leadership and management. The school is riding high at the moment – last summer’s Year 6 SATs results placed the school in the top 4% of most improved primary schools in England which is a huge achievement for the children and their teachers.

Inspectors also said that some of the teaching was outstanding, especially in English, with many pupils exceeding national expectations. Parent Governor Naomi Goldman said: “We are delighted with the recent Ofsted report. We are a school with a strong and effective learning culture, where children at all levels are stretched and supported, according to their individual needs, and it’s great that this has been recognised.”

To read the Ofsted report go to

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