Conservatives in Westminster and Wandsworth are at war over who has the lowest Council Tax

On Thursday 7th March Wandsworth Council announced;

“Councillors have confirmed that Wandsworth residents will pay the lowest average council tax bills in the country following their budget setting meeting last night”

The very same day Westminster City Council said;

“Westminster City Council last night confirmed a budget that will freeze council tax for the sixth year running and set the lowest band D rate in the country.”

In a letter to Council Leader Philippa Roe, Leader of the Labour Group Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg said;

“This unedifying race to the bottom from two Conservative Councils vying to win party political points by consistently cutting front line services does no favours to either Council.

On Wednesday evening you admitted that £3 million of the latest £12 million cites are to front line services, including the axing of the entire arts and culture budget. Westminster’s streets have been independently assessed as getting dirtier, with more graffiti and detritus. Recently a 16 year old died on our streets and a week later shots were fired on a Pimlico street nearby.

Yet your political goal is to get one over your Wandsworth rivals with little thought for the victims of those cuts who have lost services on which they depend.

Please can you get together with Councillor Govindia and settle your political dispute ASAP. Residents want a Council that focuses on practical local concerns and not one that is constantly trying to win meaningless newspaper headlines driven by narrow party political considerations.”

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