Maida Vale Conservative Councillor should resign after being elected as a City Corporation Councillor

Labour Councillors have called on Maida Vale Conservative Councillor Alastair Moss to resign from Westminster City Council after his election tonight as a City Corporation Councillor for the Cheap Ward as an Independent.

Labour say that Councillor Moss cannot sit on two Councils and give his full attention to the concerns of Maida Vale residents. Maida Vale residents need a Councillor who focusses full time on their concerns and not someone who has his attention on other peoples’ problems elsewhere, say Labour.

Labour also point out that Councillor Moss appears to have a split identity – he is a Conservative in Westminster but claims to be Independent in the City of London.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Alastair Moss can’t have it both ways. If he wants to be a Councillor in the City of London that is his choice, but he cannot possibly be a Maida Vale Councillor at the same time. Now that he has been elected for the Cheap Ward in the City of London he should immediately stand down as a Maida Vale Councillor. Being a Councillor in one city is hard work, but trying to be a Councillor in two places is ridiculous and he would be short-changing Maida Vale residents if expects them to believe that he has the time to be a Councillor in two places and hold down a full-time job, all at the same time.”

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