Westminster told to ‘get tough’ on contractors as public toilets continue to stay shut

Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to ‘get tough’ and to redouble its efforts to get Westminster’s public toilets back open, many of which have been closed by the Council’s contractor, Carlisle, following a contract dispute with the Council.

Councillors say they are getting complaints from residents right across Westminster. The latest report is from residents in Harrow Road;

“I have just called Carlisle the company which has bought the loos on Maida Hill Market, as I have had many complaints about them. The loos were not open for weeks and now open only sporadically. Today they opened at 10.00 am and closed at 4.00pm, for example. They have not been opening on Saturdays. The opening and closing times sign has been removed.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group said;

“It is intolerable for many of Westminster’s toilets have been closed for weeks as part of a contract dispute between the Council and the Carlisle Group. The Council needs to get tough with its contractor to ensure that it delivers this basic service. The Council promised that privatisation would lead to a better and cheaper service. Yet all we have had are closed and filthy toilets, padlocked to stop residents, visitors , shoppers and cab drivers from using them. It is a complete shambles and Westminster Conservatives should apologise for the breakdown of this service and get it working without further delay.”

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One Response to Westminster told to ‘get tough’ on contractors as public toilets continue to stay shut

  1. K Willoughby says:

    This is a discrase to deprive the public of a basic amenities

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