Bedroom Tax is a complete failure in Westminster

The Bedroom Tax has been a complete failure in Westminster, according to Labour Councillors who have revealed the latest Council figures which show that just 19 households have moved to smaller flats out of the 560 Westminster families receiving Housing Benefit who have 1 room or more than the Conservatives say they need.

In addition, Council officers have confirmed that there are no cases where families have taken in a lodger to fill the spare bedroom.

The 19 households that have moved represent just 3.4% of the 560 families hit by the bedroom tax. The rest, over 540 of Westminster’s poorest families, will now have to pay an £18 a week bedroom tax if they have 1 room too many and £34 a week bedroom tax if they have 2 rooms too many.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“The Bedroom Tax has been a complete failure in every respect. A flagship policy that was supposed to release hundreds of under-occupied homes for people in overcrowded conditions has produced just 19 extra bedrooms. In financial terms, the very poorest are hit hard with a Bedroom Tax bill for over £700 a year from over 540 of the most vulnerable families living in Westminster. It is a staggering display of total incompetence from the Conservatives.”

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