Westminster residents get no satisfaction as Rolling Stones tickets sell out within seconds

Many Westminster residents were disappointed at 9am this morning when they were told that all the pre-sale tickets for Westminster residents had sold out within seconds of them going on sale a day before they went on general sale to the public.

On Wednesday 3rd April, Westminster City Council sent out an email to tens of thousands of Westminster residents telling them;

“Westminster residents can book tickets to see The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park this summer 24 hours before they go on general sale.

The historic concert takes place on 6th July 2013 almost 44 years to the day since the Stones first played Hyde Park.

Book from 9am on Thursday 4th April using this link.

Note: 4 ticket limit per transaction.”

Today, residents say;

“There seems little point in offering Westminster residents ‘special offers’ on Stones tickets if it ends up generating frustration and bad feeling which is certainly the case here! We clicked on the ‘special/privileged’ link at EXACTLY 9 a.m this morning to be told all tickets had gone. This is a joke – and Westminster should know better. Why not ask would-be buyers to quote their Council Tax number before tickets can be issued – that would have sorted out at least some of the ‘scalpers’? “

“Looks like the entire concert will be made up of Westminster residents (excluding myself) as by 9.03 all the Tier 1 tickets were ‘sold out’ and I was unable to purchase even 1 ticket for either tier 2 or 3 – and certainly not the 2 I was hoping for. So presumably when the tickets go on sale tomorrow there won’t be any left for anyone living outside Westminster – or did they just allocate a handful to Westminster to pacify the residents?”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“I have asked the Council’s Chief Executive for details of exactly how many Rolling Stones tickets were available to Westminster residents to buy today. Making this offer to tens of thousands of residents if there were only a few hundred tickets available was not sensible. I know you can’t always get what you want but missing out on the Stones tickets is enough to give anyone their 19th nervous breakdown”

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