Nik Slingsby is Labour’s Candidate at the Marylebone High Street by-election on 2nd May

Nik Slingsby

Nik Slingsby is a local candidate who is campaigning on local issues. The Westminster Conservatives have been in power for too long and they regularly dismiss residents’ concerns. He says;

“I feel very much a part of this community as I grew up and went to school in Marylebone. I learnt to read by borrowing the Roald Dahl books from the library on Marylebone Road and then used to study for my A levels on its old wooden desks.

I went on to do a degree in Mandarin Chinese at the University of London. I then worked in Beijing for a number of years before returning to the place I feel most at home, London.

I work as a lawyer and live on Harrowby Street. I am the Chair of the Westminster South Constituency Labour Party and its West End Branch.

I’m saddened and concerned to see the continual downsizing of our libraries, the closure of fire stations and the reduction of services in our community. That’s why I want to take up these issues and represent residents in the Marylebone High Street Ward.”

Nik Slingsby is campaigning on local issues – the future of the Moxon Street site, the loss of the Luxborough Street play area, getting the closed Paddington Street toilets back open, tackling anti-social behaviour in Holcroft Court and much more.

This by-election is your opportunity to say that residents’ concerns should be heard and not ignored. You, the residents come first, not big business. Nik believes this firmly and is the only candidate who can beat the Conservatives.

If you have a question for Nik or would like him to take up a local issue then please let us know

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg at 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 5NP on behalf of Nik Slingsby 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1H 5FA

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