The Future of Moxon Street – It’s time the community came first, says Nik Slingsby


Nik Slingsby, Labour’s candidate at the Marylebone High Street Ward by-election on 2nd May, says;

“The Council is planning to sell the Moxon Street car park to the highest bidder for re-development. We believe some of the land should be used for a permanent home for the Farmers’ Market and provide a new public square, along with housing and a new library to replace the one the Council is closing on Marylebone Road. 90% of residents favour this community-oriented approach but the Council will not listen. All the Council wants is the maximum price to bail out its financial mismanagement, depriving us of our last chance to have a truly beneficial development on this important site.

Your current Tory Councillors have gone along with this, selling out the local community so as not to rock the boat at City Hall. Labour is wholly opposed to this and backs the community proposals. It’s time the community came first.”

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg of 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 5NP on behalf of Nik Slingsby of 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1

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