Nik Slingsby takes action on Dorset Street potholes

dorset st

A number of large potholes in Dorset Street between Baker Street and Gloucester Place have been reported to the Council, as Nik Slingsby’s campaign to improve the Marylebone High Street ward environment gains further momentum.

Nik has already reported the poor condition of the roads at the junction of Great Portland Street and Devonshire Street and at the junction of Carburton Street and Bolsover Street.

Nik says;

“Residents want their Councillors to deal with practical, everyday issues, like fixing potholes and broken pavements. My by-election campaign is all about getting things done for local residents. I am starting as I mean to carry on. Walking round the ward, I can see for my own eyes how the current Conservative Councillors have neglected the basics and taken residents for granted. On 2nd May residents can vote for a new start with a Labour candidate pledged to represent local residents”

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg at 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 5NP on behalf of Nik Slingsby 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1H 5FA

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