Nik Slingsby answers the Marylebone Association’s 5 Key By Election Questions

Nik Slingsby

What is your main priority for the Marylebone High Street Ward and why?

This by-election is an opportunity to make clear that residents’ concerns should take centre stage and not be ignored. Once in a generation decisions on the future of the farmers’ market, library and playground are going to be made. Residents should come first, not property deals. This is a rare opportunity to use your vote to send a firm message to City Hall that this is your home and ignoring the views of Marylebone residents is not acceptable.

How would you like to see Moxon Street developed?

Some of the Moxon Street land should be used for a permanent home for the Farmers’ Market and provide a new public square, along with housing and a new library to replace the one the Council is closing on Marylebone Road. 90% of residents favour this community-oriented approach. We have sufficient luxury apartments in Marylebone, we only have one Farmers’ Market. We should create something that improves both residents’ lives and the need for more homes at affordable prices as well.

How do you intend to represent constituency’s opinions on important local matter when they conflict with a party line?

I grew up here, this is my home and that supersedes any political affiliation. I will represent Marylebone High Street residents at all times and will speak out strongly to defend their interests no matter what. I believe that a Councillor’s first and last responsibility is to represent his constituents and not bend to the party whips.

Do you believe that having low council tax is harming important local services, if so which?

Yes. The dreadful state of some of the roads and pavements shows that it is false economy to skimp on basic street maintenance. You get what you pay for and walking round the ward the extent of the neglect is clear. Residents want to empower their Councillors to deal with practical, everyday issues, like fixing potholes and broken pavements and unfortunately these things cost money.

If elected Councillor what do you hope to achieve before facing re-election next year?

My by-election campaign is all about getting things done for local residents. I am starting as I mean to carry on. Walking round the ward, I can see for my own eyes how the current Conservative Councillors have neglected the basics and taken residents for granted. I want to see a real improvement in the state of our roads and pavements and preserve playgrounds and libraries for future generations.

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg of 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 5NP on behalf of Nik Slingsby of 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1

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