Marylebone residents support Labour

Nik Slingsby

Labour Councillors are working hard for residents in Marylebone and right across Westminster. This is what you have told us;

“Thank you again and again for all your efforts – I cannot begin to imagine what we would do without your sane voice in these insane and terrible times”

“What you are doing is so helpful that I wish it would be better supported at the polls!”

“Thank you so much for the invaluable work you are doing on behalf of residents, many, many of whom feel that Westminster City Council, like the present Government, has completely and wilfully lost touch with the reasonable needs of ordinary people, whilst continuing to extract Council Tax, rents, etc., from them. I fear that we are returning to a Victorian England, where the poor were regarded as being so through their own fault, deserving nothing but the appalling conditions in which so many of them were forced to live.”

“Well done for taking so much trouble. You certainly earn your bread! It’s about time the Cons and Libs took as much trouble.”

“I wouldn’t say I necessarily agree with you, but it’s good to see opposition being opposition and informing locals about their concerns”

“You have been doing wonders for everyone. Many thanks. It is all very impressive and must take up a huge amount of time. Many thanks for all that hard work looking into so many problems and taking them up”

“As ever, my wife and I are most grateful to you for these extremely informative emails. It is good to see the Opposition working hard to represent constituents’ views and hold the Council to account and we applaud you in your efforts.”

Vote for Labour’s Nik Slingsby on 2nd May and ensure that YOUR voice is heard at City Hall

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg of 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 5NP on behalf of Nik Slingsby of 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1

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