Karen Buck MP promoted to Ed Miliband advisor

Karen Buck

Westminster North MP Karen Buck has said she is ‘absolutely delighted’ at her promotion as adviser to Ed Miliband but will continue to campaign for local residents.

Ms Buck has been appointed parliamentary private secretary for the Labour leader in a mini shadow cabinet reshuffle.

She said;

“I will be working closely with Ed, as his eyes and ears in Parliament and more widely.

“I have been doing the job for the last week and have learned a lot. It will take a bit of time to settle in but I have been taking advice from John Denham.”

She has joined Jonathan Reynolds as one of Ed Miliband’s closest advisers, replacing John Denham.

But Ms Buck, who has represented people in the north of the borough for 16 years, said she is already used to juggling a parliamentary role with her constituency work. Her latest role was as shadow education minister, and previously she was parliamentary under secretary of state for transport.

The MP, who was involved in Tony Blair’s election campaign in the 1990s, said: “I have been on the front bench since 2010 so it won’t affect my constituency work.

“Constituency surgeries are one of the most important things that an MP does. It is also a way in which you pick up the impact of national government policies.

“The job of an MP is all about balancing constituency and parliamentary work. I am not expecting my new role to intrude.”

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