The Marylebone by-election is about trust, says Nik Slingsby

Nik Slingsby

Nik Slingsby’s eve-of-poll message to Marylebone High Street ward residents

“This by-election is about trust. Can residents trust the Conservatives any longer when they have ignored residents’ views, neglected basic services and frittered away public money?

• The Council asked residents if they wanted a new library on the car park site in Moxon Street or on the playground in Luxborough Street. 70% of residents said Moxon Street, but the Conservatives ignored residents and are planning to spend £12 million of your money building an underground library with no natural light in Luxborough Street, a side street.

• The state of the roads and pavements in the area is a disgrace. Pavements are uneven and badly repaired in many streets and there are dangerous potholes on almost every road, causing problems for cars and cyclists. Neglecting these basic services is the result of years of Conservative cost-cutting and penny-pinching.

• Yet, when Conservative Councillors get their hands on your money, through the £46,000 a year Ward Budget, they fritter it away by spending £35,000 on hanging baskets instead of fixing the broken pavements and pot-holed roads!

The Conservatives have lost the trust of Marylebone residents through their arrogance, neglect and financial incompetence.

It is time for a change. Vote Labour on Thursday 2nd May.

I will stand up for residents every time and on every local issue.”

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg of 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 on behalf of Nik Slingsby of 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1

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