Vote Labour today to give Marylebone residents a strong independent voice at City Hall


Nik Slingsby has urged Marylebone High Street ward residents to vote Labour today to give the community a strong independent voice at City Hall.

Voting for Nik Slingsby is the only way to protest at the Council’s failure to listen to the local community on the future of the Moxon Street site and to save the popular Farmers’ Market.

Labour’s online petition is attracted over 50 new signatures yesterday as the campaign gathers momentum. You can sign here

Nik Slingsby says;

“It has been a privilege to meet so many local residents over the past few weeks. Many of you have told me that you are fed up with the arrogant, out of touch and financially incompetent local Conservatives who treat the ward as their own ‘rotten borough’. If you vote for me today I promise to work hard on your behalf every single day and to put your interests as my top priority. With two Conservatives already representing the area it is time for a atrong independent alternative voice for local residents”

Promoted by Paul Dimoldenberg of 44 Manor House, Marylebone Road, NW1 on behalf of Nik Slingsby of 1 Harrowby Court, Harrowby Street, W1

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