Westminster Council-owned house in Lisson Grove empty for two and a half years

Westminster Conservatives have left a six bedroom Council owned house at 109 Lisson Grove empty since November 2010, losing the Council almost £20,000 in lost rent and rates.

And plans to convert the long vacant house to two bedroom flats for rent, promised over a year ago, have still not started.

Labour Councillors say that while this home has been left empty, scores of families in housing need have been moved out of Westminster to Bletchley, Southend, Maidstone and Thurrock because of a lack of homes in Westminster.

Labour also point to the failure to renovate this property as casting doubt on the Council’s ability to deliver major regeneration plans in Church Street, Ebury Bridge, Tollgate Gardens and Westbourne Green

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“How does the Council expect residents in Church Street to vote for an ambitious scheme involving the demolition of hundreds of Council homes and the buildings of hundreds of new homes, when the Council cannot even organise the conversion of a vacant single house on Lisson Grove? Every day Church Street residents see with their own eyes evidence of the Council’s total failure to sort out the renovation of this one single house, so how can anyone believe the Council has the ability to deliver the regeneration of an entire estate?”

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