Cross-party bid to save Westminster Fire Station from Mayor’s axe, as Conservatives support Labour initiative


Labour Councillors have welcomed the support of Conservative Councillors in the bid to save Westminster and Knightsbridge Fire Stations from closure.

At Wednesday’s Council meeting Labour and Conservative Councillors joined together to support Labour’s initiative to fight the Mayor’s proposal to close the Fire Stations in Greycoat Place and Knightsbridge.

Councillor Adam Hug, Labour’s Fire and Police spokesperson, said;

“Westminster fire station responded to 722 incidents in the last year. Out of these, 639 occurred within the City of Westminster (88.5% of the total number of incidents). In Westminster the fire engine has a usage rate of 8.3%, well above the London average of 7.4%. Furthermore Westminster will be impacted by fire station closures and loss of pumps in other boroughs, particularly neighbouring Knightsbridge and Belsize, as there were 596 incidents responded to in the City of Westminster by engine from stations threatened by the Mayor’s current plans. Overall, 1,235 incidents were responded to in the City of Westminster by stations under threat of closure in the last year.”

“The proposed changes will reduce average first appliance response times across Westminster by 41 seconds (from 5.08 to 5.50 seconds), the second highest reduction in London after our neighbours in Camden, while second appliance response times will reduce by 29 seconds. Westminster goes from having the 10th fastest first response to having the joint 22nd. With traffic being what it is in our city there is a real risk that the reduced presence in the south will lead to some dramatic variations for people and property at risk with potentially tragic consequences. “

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