Church Street residents wait for ballot papers to arrive as voting starts on estate regeneration plans

ballot paper

Ballot papers have still not arrived at the homes of many Church Street residents three days after voting started on Westminster City Council’s Church Street estate regeneration proposals.

Voting started on Wednesday 8th May, and is open for a week to Tuesday 14th May.

Residents said;

“To date the ballot papers have not arrived at Church Street Site 1 (that is, Loddon, Cherwell, Wytham and Wey Houses), and other residents at Eastlake House and Lisson Green report not having received theirs either even though the vote has started.”

“It really is a great shame that things could not have been done to time, especially given the publicity beforehand. It does cast a shadow and potentially raise questions over the voting process – which others may wish to raise more publicly.”

“Mail delivery is notoriously bad in the Church Street area so I really can’t understand why the probability of a slow delivery wasn’t taken into account in the first instance, and allowed for.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group and a Church Street resident, said;

“Like many Church Street residents, I am still waiting for my ballot paper to arrive. If the Council can’t even organise a simple Yes/No vote, how do they expect us to believe they can deliver a complicated regeneration project? After all the hard work and effort put into this project by so many Church Street residents it is scandalous that the Council has failed to get ballot papers to residents in time for the vote.”

“This latest failure comes just days after it was revealed that four Lisson Green flats have been empty for three years, wasting over £75,000 in lost rent and rates, and a six-bedroom house on Lisson Grove has been vacant since November 2010 losing £20,000. When is the Council going to sort itself out and stop wasting residents’ money?”

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