Renewed call for a Pelican Crossing at the Harrow Road/Chippenham Road junction after another serious accident

Labour Councillors have renewed their call for a Pelican Crossing at the Harrow Road/Chippenham Road junction after another serious accident this morning.

Residents say;

“There was another terrible collision with a pedestrian and as you already know recently someone else was killed there. It needs to be policed and the signals need to be looked into and changed to make it safe as it stands it is lethal. This needs urgent attention. “

“Had to take my son to school through police lines again today. Do you think there’s enough blood spilled yet for either City Hall to accept there’s a problem with this junction? Sorry to sound brutal, but feeling quietly desperate about this today.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Action needs to be taken this week. I have written to the Council to call for urgent action to protect residents at this dangerous junction.”

Meanwhile residents can sign the petition launched following a fatal traffic accident on Wednesday 27th March.

There is an urgent need for a Pelican Crossing at the junction of Harrow Road and Chippenham Road, next to the former Windsor Castle public house and the Windsor Gardens Estate. Many children cross at this junction, with the St Peter’s primary school 20 yards around the corner. With the opening of the former One Stop at 317 Harrow Road as a Council Registrar’s Office soon, many more people are likely to park in Chippenham Rd and cross the road at this junction. This is a high density residential area with many elderly and young people living in the area.

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