Local group eyes Chelsea Barracks planning powers

Chelsea Barracks

According to ‘Planning’ magazine;

“A group claiming to represent residents and businesses around Chelsea Barracks in central London has applied to Westminster City Council to become an official neighbourhood forum for the area.

If approved, it would mean the prospective Chelsea Barracks Neighbourhood Forum could start drawing up a neighbourhood development plan for an area between the River Thames and Victoria train station.

Chelsea Barracks is the site of a controversial application to redevelop the old military building into new homes.

The scheme hit the headlines in 2009 when Prince Charles’ opposition on design grounds to a Lord Rogers masterplan was revealed and the plans were dropped.

New outline plans to create up to 448 homes were approved in June last year. In January, however, the applicant and landowner, Qatari Diar, said these latest proposals would be reviewed because of the economic slump.

The neighbourhood forum application says the group has met Qatari Diar, the “largest local land owner”, and “they are happy to get involved if we are successful”.

Planning approached Qatari Diar for a comment, but it had not responded by the time of going to press.

The application goes on to say: “Those who live around the borders of the former Chelsea Barracks found themselves exposed to a controversial development on the old barracks site. As a result, the residents united to object and this has formed a very strong sense of community locally.”

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