Maida Vale Conservative Councillor settling in well in his ‘double life’ as a City of London Councillor

Maida Vale residents will no doubt be reassured that one of their Conservative Councillors, Alastair Moss is settling in well in his ‘double life’ as a City of London Councillor for the Cheap Ward since his election in April 2013.

According to the last Cheap Ward Newsletter;

“The enthusiastic welcome to our newly-elected third Councilman, Alastair Moss, who enhances the Ward of Cheap team with his years of local government experience gained at Westminster City Council and his legal knowledge. Alastair has already immersed himself into the life of the City Corporation. Alastair is also a long-standing member of the Ward of Cheap Club.”

In addition to his many duties as a Maida Vale Councillor in Westminster, Alastair Moss also serves on the following City of London Corporation Committees;

• Community & Children’s Services Committee
• Court of Common Council
• Investment Committee
• Member Development Steering Group
• Port Health & Environmental Services Committee
• Property Investment Board

Maida Vale residents might care to ask how Councillor Moss finds the time to serve on both Westminster and City of London Councils and represent their interests fully at Westminster.

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