Westminster Council says it no longer needs a Chief Financial Officer; Eric Pickles asked to intervene

Westminster Council is making its Chief Operating Officer, Barbara Moorhouse, redundant. Ms Moorhouse is the Council’s Chief Financial Officer and her redundancy was announced by Chief Executive Mike More, who himself resigned from the Council last month. Mr Moore told Councillors;

“Following the announcement of my retirement a report was made to Cabinet in May on the future role of the Chief Executive and the relative role of the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Following this report we have decided to streamline the senior management team and have concluded that the post of COO is no longer required going forward. Ms Moorhouse has made a significant contribution to future operations of the Council and leaves us with a strong financial foundation, an innovative managed service contract and a successful operating model for our Tri-Borough programme. I have put in place Section 151 Officer arrangements whilst the current responsibilities of the COO are realigned internally.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader opf the Labour Group, said;

“This is a crazy decision by a Council in melt-down. How can it make sense for the outgoing Chief Executive to make his most senior colleague redundant? At a time of acute financial uncertainty and more Government cuts, residents have every right to ask why the Council’s Chief Financial Officer is being ousted. Mr More has not given Councillors any reason for making Ms Moorhouse redundant. Heaven knows how big the redundancy payment to Ms Moorhouse Council Tax payers will now be expected to pay.”

“This is a complete shambles and I will be writing to Eric Pickles to ask him to investigate the circumstances of Ms Moorhouse’s redundancy and to scrutinise any redundancy payment that Westminster Conservatives intend to make to her as a result.”

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