Conservatives use non-political Paddington Festival to distribute party political propaganda

Paddington Festival

Westminster Conservatives have been accused of using events at the non-political Paddington Festival to distribute Conservative Party political leaflets to the public and, despite giving assurances that this practice will stop, the Conservatives have continued to set up stalls and hand out leaflets at Paddington Festival events this weekend.

Councillor Barrie Taylor. Deputy Leader of the Labour Group has written to senior Conservatives Councillors Robert Davis and Melvyn Caplan as follows;

“You may recall that I spoke with you at the Council Meeting on Wednesday about the inappropriateness of local Conservative candidates distributing political literature at local Festival events at Maida Hill marketplace and Westbourne Green. You both offered to speak with whoever may be advising your Council candidates. On neither occasion did they ask permission of the organisers, or ask if it was possible to have a stall. Their contributions were dedicated to promoting the Conservative Party.”

“They turned up again yesterday at the Maida Hill Festival and were asked by the organisers not to distribute political literature, but they continued to do so. It seems like your Party has either not offered them any advice or is endorsing their actions. There is another festival event today. The literature they are distributing is overprinted by North Westminster Conservatives. We do not view Community events in this way, but we should know whether it is now your Party’s practice to view such events as open day in distributing such literature.”

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