‘Victory’ for Harrow Road pedestrian crossing campaign

Residents who are fighting to have a pelican crossing installed at the site of a fatal accident are celebrating a major victory.

More than 1,000 people signed a petition urging Westminster Council to take action after Margaret O’Brien, 93, died in a collision with a lorry at the junction of Chippenham Road and Harrow Road on March 27.

A report recommending a crossing is installed in Chippenham Road was rubber-stamped by the council after Council officers and police examined the junction and decided it was necessary to provide safer passage for pedestrians.

They recommended a new pelican crossing was also added to Harrow Road, which will require the consent of Transport for London who are responsible for the road. The report states: “TfL has previously raised concerns about the impact of pedestrian crossing facilities, which result in severe delays to traffic, including buses.”

Advanced stop lines, that give cyclists space in front of other vehicles at junctions, were recommended but would also require TfL approval.

An inquest is yet to be held into the death and the report said: “The inquest may help identify other measures and we do not seek to pre-judge that in any way.”

Simon Daniels, who is chair of Ascot and Windsor Residents’ Association and campaigned for a new crossing, said: “It’s brilliant. People have been trying to get it for about 20 years I think so everyone is really pleased.”

Councillor David Boothroyd, who submitted the petition to the council, said: “It’s good news, the report is quite interesting and seems to be the police confirming how difficult that junction is.”

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