Westminster Council services under threat if Lupus Street Post Office closes

Lupus St Alan Johnson

The proposed closure of Lupus Street Post Office will mean that, in addition to the loss of the post office service, hundreds of residents will lose the ability to pay their Council rent and Council Tax or renew their parking permits.

Last year, Westminster Council closed all of its One Stop offices and transferred all face-to-face financial transactions to Post Offices all over Westminster. There are currently about 500 Council-related cash transactions a month at Lupus Street Post Office and if the Post Office is closed then residents on the Churchill Gardens estate would lose their current service and would have no alternative but to walk for at least 20 minutes to the Vauxhall Bridge Road or Eccleston Street post offices to pay bills.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“The closure of Lupus Street Post Office would be a ‘double-whammy’ for local residents. Not only would they lose their post office but they would also lose a local office where they can make cash payments to the Council. This is particularly bad for the elderly and disabled and anyone who has difficulty walking long distances”

“Having closed all its One Stop offices and transferred everything to the Post Office the Council has a responsibility to ensure that residents continue to get the local service they were promised and can continue to make financial transaction in Lupus Street at the post office.”

“It looks like Westminster Council and the Post Office are in cahoots to deprive Churchill Gardens residents of decent local services. Is this what the Conservatives mean by “we’re all in this together”?

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