Over 50s worried about becoming homeless

‘Inside Housing’ reports;

“Nearly a quarter of people in their early 50s are worried about becoming homeless, according to research commissioned by charity Age UK.

A poll of 971 people, conducted by Ipsos Mori in March this year for the charity, found around 240 people did not believe they would be able to keep up with their mortgage or rent payments.

It also discovered 46 per cent of people aged between 50 and 64 have been out of work for more than a year with reducing prospects of finding a job.

Age UK says research has proved it is harder for someone aged 50 to get back into the work place than for any other age group, and is more likely to be made redundant than workers aged between 29 and 49.

Michelle Mitchell, the charity’s director-general, said: ‘We know that times are tough financially, but when a significant number of people aged 50 and over say they are worried about losing their homes, it’s a clear sign that many are truly struggling to keep their heads above water.

‘With the state pension age rising to 67 by 2028, it’s more important than ever that the government, employers and recruiters ensure that people looking for work are judged on their skills, expertise and what they can bring to a job, not just their birthdate, enabling them to continue to contribute to the economy and build up to a financially secure retirement.’

The results of the survey released today is the start of Age UK’s ‘economic survey’, which will be part of its economic tracker to look at the impact of the economy on older people.”

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