Harrow Road police station set to become luxury homes as Mayor sells off key site

HR Police Station

Harrow Road police station is set to become luxury apartments as Mayor Boris Johnson has ordered the sale of the recently-closed building and hired West End estate agents Knight Frank to sell the building. Bids for the 26,000 sq ft building, which is on a site of 0.7 acre, are due by 18th September.

Labour Councillors say that any new development should include a police facility and that any new housing should include on-site social rented housing, as well as shared ownership and housing for sale.

The closure of the Harrow Road Police Station means that Safer Neighbourhood Teams serving north Paddington are now based at the other end of the Harrow Road at Paddington Green, instead of being locally-based.

The sales details have been posted at http://search.knightfrank.com/rss130024

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group said;

“Selling off this public land and buildings shows the extent of the Conservatives’ bankrupt economic policies. Once this site has been sold it has been lost as a public asset for all time. Whatever its future use it should include considerable public benefits, including social rented housing and a police facility.”

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