Another 42 luxury apartments and no affordable housing – Westminster Conservatives drive another nail in the coffin of the West End community

Labour Councillors have attacked Westminster Council’s decision to give planning permission for another 42 West End luxury apartments with no on-site affordable housing at 29/30 Old Burlington Street and 22-27 Cork Street, W1 as a further example of the Council’s determination to kill West End community life and to starve the area of residents for whom the West End is their home.

The Conservatives also agreed to take over £4,500,000 LESS in off-site affordable homes payments than their planning policies allow. The policy compliant payment for off-site affordable housing for this application is £10,681,000, yet the Conservatives accepted £6 million – a loss of £4,681,000 – at the Planning Applications Committee meeting on 6th August.

Councillor Barbara Grahame, Labour’s Planning Spokesperson said;

“Once again, Westminster Conservatives have given the green light for more luxury flats in the West End and have banished affordable homes elsewhere. Every week, like clockwork, Westminster Conservatives are a driving another nail in the coffin of the West End community and killing the area as a place where people from all walks of life can live. Building on-site affordable housing is the only way in which the West End can be a lively, thriving community. Building yet more luxury apartments will slowly, but surely, kill the West End.”

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