Westminster Council in Marylebone Free School row

Westminster Conservatives are planning to thwart the setting up of a Free School for boys in Marylebone, proposed by local parents, by selling off Council land for luxury housing in Moxon Street, off Marylebone High Street, which has been long earmarked for education.

Now, the proposers of the Free School have written to all Councillors and have released a letter they have sent to Education Secretary Michael Gove

Laura Royde, Lead Proposer Marylebone Boys’ School has told Councillors;

“We are a secondary boys’ Free School due to open in September 2014 and we are urgently seeking a site in Central/North Westminster. We have an extremely high level of parental interest and support. We know that as a councillor you are interested in the provision of education in the borough and we therefore want to ensure that you are fully briefed on the situation. We understand that a meeting has been scheduled on 16 October between Lord Nash and the Leader of Westminster City Council regarding this matter.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“The use of this land goes to the heart of the future of the West End. Residents want good community facilities, such as good local schools, not more luxury apartments which will be snapped up as investments by overseas buyers. The land at Moxon Street is Council land and it should be used for the benefit of the community for a school, affordable homes and other essential facilities.”

“Westminster Tories say they support Free Schools but when it comes down to it they would rather have more luxury housing at Moxon Street than more school places for local young people”

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP letter from MBS-1

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