Churchill Gardens Estate calls on police to tackle dangerous dogs and drug dealing problems

The ‘West End Extra’ reports;

“POLICE have been urged to tackle an “ongoing” problem of anti-social behaviour which is blighting estates in Pimlico.
Scotland Yard sent officers to meet with Churchill Gardens residents last week where they asked for help in dealing with groups of teenagers that are gathering at night in public squares.

Members of the public have raised concerns about dangerous dogs and drug dealing in the squares and smoking cannabis in stairwells.

Sue Walsh, chairwoman of the Churchill Gardens residents’ association, said: “What we’re trying to do is get rid of an ongoing problem we’ve got in the square, dealing with drugs and dogs and so on.

“It’s mainly the dog issues and they’ve got the dogs off leads and things. They’re being trained to be aggressive and people feel intimated when they see those dogs and it can be quite worrying for some of the residents.”

The Met suggested they may open a new contact point at Chaucer House on the estate and are looking into setting up a dedicated phoneline that people can phone to report crime.

Ms Walsh said the problem often came from teenagers who did not live on the estate, but she added: “What we’re asking for is if the offenders live on the estate, then obviously something should be done and their parents should be called to account.

“What we’ve asked for is a designated number for Churchill Gardens so that people can ring if they think that drugs are being smoked on the stairs or dealt in the square.”

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