Satisfaction with Westminster Council is the lowest ever measured, and it’s because residents are in economic difficulties, according to a poll sponsored by the council itself.

The rising cost of living, spending cuts and economic difficulties are top of Westminster residents’ concerns, according to a Westminster Council report. The headline findings from the latest ‘Westminster Reputation Tracker’ reveal that:

“Satisfaction with the council has fallen to 68% which is below the national average and is the lowest score recorded by the tracker survey.”

“Residents across a range of backgrounds are experiencing economic difficulties and this is impacting on how they live their lives and how they perceive the council. Three in ten (30%) think their financial situation has got worse in the last 12 months, and 39% of them think it will continue to get worse. The majority (54%) of Westminster residents are worried they will suffer directly from spending on public services over the next 2-3 years. Concerns are across all social grades but in particular those who are on middle or lower incomes, parents and those in social housing. Those unsettled by the economic situation are less likely to be sure about the service they receive from the council.”

Responding to the report, which was sent to members of the Council’s Audit and Performance Committee, Labour Councillor David Boothroyd said:

“A majority of Westminster residents believe they will be hurt by Council and Government cuts in public services. People on middle or lower incomes and those living in Council and Housing Association flats are the most likely to fear for the future. People know the Conservatives on the Council and in Government are really interested in helping only the privileged few at the top.

“Families in Westminster need secure jobs that give them economic security and a decent standard of living, and that means a change of direction from the Government. If they don’t believe Labour, then surely the Conservatives cannot ignore the findings of their flagship Council in Westminster.”

The survey is based on telephone interviews with 500 residents (aged 16 and over) carried out between 14th May and 13thJune 2013 by independent fieldwork supplier Infocorp. Telephone numbers are a mix of landline and mobile phone numbers. These have been randomly generated by the fieldwork supplier to ensure all Westminster residents have a chance of being selected to take part in the survey. Quotas were set to the known profile of Westminster by age, gender and work status to ensure an accurate representative mix of residents. Data was then weighted to the known profile of Westminster.

The findings are compared to previous waves of the Westminster Reputation Tracker and also to national polling carried out by the LGA with c.1,000 British adults.

Westminster Reputation Tracker June 2013 Final

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