400 fewer Police in Westminster as Mayor’s cuts bite

There are nearly 400 fewer police on the streets of Westminster than there were in 2010. At the time of the last General Election Westminster had 1,632 police officers working to tackle crime across the borough. But three years later this has fallen to just 1,235, a loss of 397 officers – a 24% cut.

In addition in March 2010 there were 384 community police officers working in Westminster, but new figures released by the Metropolitan Police reveal that there are now just 99 – a loss of 285, a 74% fall.

At his re-election last May Boris Johnson promised an extra 1,000 police officers, instead he has cut the number of police officers in London by over 1,400 – a total reduction of nearly 2,800 since the last General Election.

The Mayor also confirmed earlier this year that 63 stations and front counters will be closing across London by 2016, this includes police stations at Harrow Road, St John’s Wood and Marylebone which are now for sale for luxury apartments.

Finally, although the long term trend of falling crime has continued, in Westminster it is particularly concerning that there has been a 26% increase rise in the number of domestic burglaries and robbery offences, for example armed robbery or muggings, have increased by 44%

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group; said;

“It’s vitally important that Westminster’s police have the resources they need to tackle crime and keep our streets safe. In Westminster we have lost nearly 400 police officers, including many officers who had years of experience behind them. I am particularly worried about the increase in domestic burglaries and robbery offences. It is time the Mayor rethought this reckless plan to reduce the police presence across Westminster and the rest of London.”

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