How many people does it take to repair the lift at Pimlico Library?

We asked the Council why the lift at Pimlico Library has been broken for the last three weeks.

This is what the Council told us;

“The lift at Pimlico has indeed now been out of order for over 3 weeks and has, regrettably, caused great inconvenience and distress to some of the customers using the library. After an initial inspection, I was led to believe that the lift required a replacement part which had to be imported. This finally arrived on site last Friday. Engineers then attempted to replace the part only to discover there were further parts (hinges) that also needed to replacing. Engineers have been on site today with the additional parts, and as yet, still have not got the lift working, but will be back tomorrow morning. I will be monitoring progress and will be doing all I can to ensure that the lift is up and running as soon as possible.

Various improvements have been made to the lift since its initial installation, but it is fair to say that there are still some ongoing reliability issues. I will be picking this up with our Property Department to see whether there are any further improvements that can be made, either to the design or the maintenance regime, that can improve the situation.”

Jason Thomas Williams of the Churchill Labour Action Team said;

“The lift is really essential to get into the library for anyone with mobility issues or a push chair. The Council should have sorted this out weeks ago”

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