Maida Vale resident in a one bed sheltered housing flat sent £1,200 Bedroom Tax bill by Westminster Council

A Maida Vale resident living in a one bed sheltered housing flat has been wrongly sent a Bedroom Tax bill by Westminster Council who told him that he owed the Council over £1,200.

The resident said;

“I received a letter today from Westminster benefits office stating that I am under occupying my 1 bedroom flat! I live in sheltered accommodation, and as far as I am aware I am exempt from the bedroom tax, I believe this applies to all sheltered accommodation in the country. I receive pension credit and I was born before the 7th of October 1951. I have been informed that I have been overpaid £1,233.28. Will Westminster City Council take me to court? Will the council evict me and all the other sheltered accommodation residents who cannot pay?”

After enquiries by Labour Councillors and Karen Buck MP, the Council has admitted that the letter was sent in error.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg. Leader of the Labour Group said;

“This is another example of why the Bedroom Tax must be scrapped and Westminster Council’s incompetence. The impact of such a letter can be devastating on someone who is vulnerable and wrongly told they owe over £1,200. I do not think the Council can simply shrug this off as a mistake. Someone needs to take political responsibility for this spectacular incompetence. We have also asked who was responsible for this error? Will any action be taken against the person(s) responsible? Have any similar errors been made?”

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2 Responses to Maida Vale resident in a one bed sheltered housing flat sent £1,200 Bedroom Tax bill by Westminster Council

  1. samedifference1 says:

    Reblogged this on Same Difference.

  2. fatcat62 says:

    Typical when a flagship tory council doesn’t even understand its own ministers policies – buffoons in blazers lol

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