Westminster Council spends £450 million a year with contractors but never asks them to pay the London Living Wage

Westminster Council spends £450m a year with outsourced contractors and yet takes no interest in whether these contractors pay the London Living Wage to their staff, according to figures uncovered by Labour Councillor Nilavra Mukerji. The Council spends tens of millions a year with external contractors, including;

Amey (£65m) as part of a tri-borough contract with Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham Councils
Vertex/Serco (£40.6m)
Veolia (£36.8m),
NSL (£7.3M)
Westminster TranServ (£7.5m),
Capita (£6.5m)

In a question to the Council Councillor Mukerji asked “ Does the Council have any requirements in any contracts let, that contractors pay at least the London Living Wage to their staff working in London?” The Council replied; “The majority of contracts are related to service delivery, not numbers of people or rates of pay and the Council continues to award contracts on an outcome specification.”

Councillor Mukerji also asked; “Does the Council keep or compile information from our term contractors on things such as whether staff are being paid at least the London Living Wage, annual staff turnover or use of agency staff?” The Council’s response was “We do not capture details of the number of staff against each contract or their wage rates.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“It is beyond belief that in this day and age Westminster Council can take no interest in the wages paid to people working on its behalf and employed by major contractors. When there is cost of living crisis of major proportions it is good sense to pay people decent wages so that families do not have to survive on state hand-outs. Yet Westminster Conservatives continue to stick their head in the sand and claim that paying decent wages is nothing to do with them. It makes good business sense to pay decent wages, as every successful business will tell you. If a pub in Maida Vale can pay its staff the London Living Wage, why can’t Westminster Council? Why don’t Westminster Conservatives get it?”


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