Save The Star in St John’s Wood – a great local pub

Labour Councillors are supporting the bid to save The Star public house in St John’s Wood Terrace from closure and conversion in to a luxury residential development. Councillors are encouraging residents to sign the petition and to write to Westminster Council to object to the planning application.


The petition says

1. The Star is an important social hub for people who live and work in the area.
2. It attracts a local, national and international clientele that is multi-lingual and multicultural.
3. The Star plays an important role in attracting tourism revenue; cricket fans and players from Lords, musicians from nearby RAK Studios, Regent’s Park day-trippers, even celebrities like Paul McCartney, Dustin Hoffman, Liam Gallagher and the Arctic Monkeys have sampled their hospitality.
4. The Star is aesthetically significant; an old-style corner pub with an attractive exterior complimented by a Dickensian interior with original features.
5. The Star is a ‘proper’ traditional pub with history (built in the 1820s), strong links to the community and a unique identity.
6. The Star is the most unique of all 4 pubs remaining in the area. If it were to close it would leave an irreplaceable void and a lack of choice.
7. Many local residents believe Westminster Council has an obligation to protect the Star as an important heritage site for the area, to maintain the current level of real customer choice for local pub-goers and to send a clear signal to the local electorate that it cares about local pubs and amenities.

You can make comments on the planning application on line at

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2 Responses to Save The Star in St John’s Wood – a great local pub

  1. John Burns says:

    An example of appropriation of value created by the community.

    The Star is one of my local pubs in London. The Star pub is unique being nearly 200 years old retaining many of its original features. It is a social centre for the community, of which few pubs are left – two thirds of the local pubs have disappeared in 20 years changing the complexion of this typically British district. A planning application has been lodged at Westminster City Council to change the status of the pub to large a residential home. No doubt a very rich foreigner will be buying this home – and most likely it may be occupied about 2 weeks of the year. Currently the pub is full every night of the week, not two weeks of the year.

    Foreign money is pouring into London buying up property (land). London land is being used as a piggy bank, that gets fuller by the day (tax free). The lift on land values is created by the surrounding community, not the land owners. Our efforts will make people who do not live in this country richer – and simultaneously deprive us all of social centres and our cultural links. We get it in the neck twice. We indirectly make someone richer and we are deprived.

    The pub survived World War Two. The temporary iron straps around upright wooden pillars on the bar are still there after a German bomb blasted a part of the side of the pub away. It may have survived World War two but will it survive foreign money wanting to use London land as a piggy bank, or Westminster Council’s planning department?

    A campaign has been set up to stop the closure – and stop the cultural rape.

  2. John Burns says:

    The building has to be listed and only ever used as a pub. This needs to be done ASAP. Then politicos are the ones to push this through. The ground swell of support is there. Abbey Rd Studios was listed within days to stop the studios being converted to flats.

    This is all a part of the broader issue of cultural assets being dismantled. Many in the community have drawn the line and are saying no more.

    This pub is viable. If the pub is not profitable enough to resist such a silly conversion, I would suggest that too much taxation is coming out of the pub’s operation, and not enough coming out of the real estate. If a foreign grabber had to pay the same amount of taxes that the pub generates, it is unlikely that we would be talking about this.

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