Westminster Council to cut another £100 million from local services

Westminster residents face £100 million more cuts from local services over the next four years, according to the Leader of the Council Philippa Roe, as the Conservatives admit their austerity policies will hit local people even harder than over the past three and half years.

In an article published by Conservative Home, Councillor Roe admitted;

“Yet despite our tri-borough approach and despite the introduction of innovative ways of reducing our budget, the next few years will be equally tough if not tougher. Over the next four years Westminster must take a further £100m out of its budget. In fact, the pressures on public expenditure over the next parliament are expected to be tougher than those faced since the election of 2010.”


Earlier this year, in June, outgoing Chief Executive Mike More told the ‘Guardian’;

“Facing another six years of austerity, if that’s what happens, will be hard. I worry about the fabric and quality of what we’ll be able to do,” he says. “An organisation can always get more efficient, but this level of cuts cannot be made without paying a price in terms of the quality of what we’re able to do.”


In June 2013 the rising cost of living, spending cuts and economic difficulties are top of Westminster residents’ concerns, according to a Westminster Council report. The headline findings from the June ‘Westminster Reputation Tracker’ reveal that:

“Residents across a range of backgrounds are experiencing economic difficulties and this is impacting on how they live their lives and how they perceive the council. Three in ten (30%) think their financial situation has got worse in the last 12 months, and 39% of them think it will continue to get worse. The majority (54%) of Westminster residents are worried they will suffer directly from spending on public services over the next 2-3 years. Concerns are across all social grades but in particular those who are on middle or lower incomes, parents and those in social housing. Those unsettled by the economic situation are less likely to be sure about the service they receive from the council.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“Local services in Westminster are getting worse every day. The roads are full of potholes, in some places rubbish is not collected at weekends, local schools now get very little help and advice from the Council, there are not enough planners to deal with the growing number of planning applications, older people have to be in serious need before they get any help, the budget for advice services has been cut, there is no longer any Council support for the arts and the list goes on. Another four years of massive cuts will totally destroy local services. Westminster is one of the richest Councils in the country and residents deserve better than this.”

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