Westminster has the world’s most expensive parking

According to a survey by parkatmyhouse.com,

“£42 every day. That’s what you fork out on an average if you park your car in London.

But at a time where the world’s most expensive car space was sold in Mayfair last year for £300,000, is that surprising?

Research by parkatmyhouse.com, a website that allows users to rent out their driveways, found that London has beaten New York, Sydney and Tokyo to become the world’s most expensive city for parking spaces.

Commercial parking in London is more than 20 times – yes, you read that right – 20 times more expensive than other city centres in the UK. While parking in the West End and City of London can cost you £75 per day, parking on Cole Street, Scunthorpe, costs £3.50 per day.

Motorists in the capital have to pay more than three times the parking fee in other UK cities, including £12 in Manchester and £10 in Birmingham.

FACT: Westminster Council made over £50 million profit from its parking operations this year

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