Westminster Council reneges on its promise and builds no new homes to replace those sold under the Right to Buy

Westminster Council has sold 66 Council flats under the Right to Buy since 2010, pocketing £16.2 million, but has built no new Council homes with that money, according to figures uncovered by Labour Councillors.

The Council has revealed that the 66 flats were sold under the Right to Buy since 2010, as follows;

2010/11 – 9 units
2011/12 – 9 units
2012/13 – 14 units
2013/14 – 34 units (to 30/10)

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“The Conservatives promised that for every Council flat sold under the Right to Buy a new home would be built to replace each one sold. That promise has turned out to be completely worthless and not one single new replacement Council property has been built in Westminster since 2010 despite the Council receiving over £16 million for the 66 flats sold. There is no excuse for the Council’s abysmal failure to keep its promise to build new Council flats to replace those sold off at a massive discount. The Conservatives cannot be trusted on social housing”

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